A Motionless Dream

A motionless dream
And a new dash.
Just then and so
I am writing
In my life’s way.
It is not to
As I have written
This life by any means.
The way
Of being in a state of forsakenness
Is uncertain
Similar to the nothingness
Which doesn’t endure permanently
So many fractions can be found in me
Even more diversified than my thoughts
And everything will end up
Breaking into fragments
Even though once it has been whole as a soul.
In a motionless dream
The ocean breaks down,
And I fall down in the quietness.
In my soul’s dreams
I do not know where or when
Whenever a world is hidden;
Of all the visible things
There is nothing better than
A motionless dream
That has left all that’s gone.
A motionless dream
Of nothing, I should have lost.
I wish to breathe into it.
It was like the wind-song
When it was on my head.
Not a single shadow
But darkness, at this very moment,
And more than anyone
Who doesn’t know if you are born?
Is what could be thought
Not always
On Earth or outside the universe,
Everything has been lost
No apparent transformation, even so, has ever been.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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