Trapped In A Deafening Silence

Trapped in a deafening silence
The night is already gone,
Once everything that once had been in the past
Has been sealed;
I was asleep, and I stood alone,
Each day, it might be gone.
The rain will begin again.
Scripted, it seems, but then inside me
All my heart is asleep,
Forever again alone,
Never even one day into its life
Being forgotten.
A dream…
But nothing ever heard.
Trapped in a deafening silence of the wind.
When everything goes in the aether…
I am coming up into the darkness.
Leaving everything behind me
Where nothing is the same anymore.
As I am dreaming the sunlight at night
I wanted to escape
Like walking in darkness,
Towards my solitude
Never coming back,
I would be gone.
Trapped in a deafening silence.
There is no time for finding a place to live,
A lasting peace of mind and bliss.
Just wonder how little of the universe is known,
One will still wish for the end.
Trapped in a deafening silence
Only the sound of the emptiness
And never being aware that it doesn’t exist
A far better fate than it is
And what life was able to alter the course of happening
At any time, there’s a way
Certainly, a mental tragedy
Over the world of itself
It is way too far.
With nowhere to go when you can realize,
it has been impossible as I could
I am in another world in the end.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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