A Shattered Mirror

A shattered mirror on the door
I am not so happy
As I’m afraid
I know
My life is in despair
And I want to think
Yet alone
So many beautiful feelings
The day does not fade in silence
On the night that was coming
So deep inside of me

A shattered mirror
All life’s dreams are lost
A fantasy about sadness and rewards
Forever thought
The time has been lost and has vanished away
Nothing may end
starting another life
Making a way out of happiness
Grasping another thoughtless truth
I can’t see how I feel

A shattered mirror with no name
I look towards the dreams
When I was not there
A stable cold summer breeze
It seemed to shine as it gazed at my long chocolate-brown hair
When the nights were senseless, I was covered in bliss
And the clock was far and dark
My hopes were nothing anymore
Feelingless tears were gone inside of dreams
A lonely and silent night with empty dreams
Loud were my hallucinations, like multiple images of sorrow

A shattered mirror flows through my dream line
A picture is found again
I cannot see my reflection
Birds are silent as they can’t breath
The breeze through the water runs away to some space
Flying over life with no desires or pleasures
The terror of thinking makes me gasp
Now there was none
Only a single cloud in the dim night
The beauty of carved and gloomy trees
I’ve never appeared to be forgotten

A shattered mirror
Like a ghost with a broken smile
My questions have no experience
A single cry sank into the silence
Hoping for new visions of eternity
I cannot see through my thoughts
I’m lonely, and I dream
Staring at my reflection in a broken mirror
Looking for myself with no speech
Striving to carry the wind
making sure that I’m still existing.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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