A Gloomy Sorrow

A Gloomy Sorrow

A gloomy sorrow
A gentle grief
In a world made of pride
The soul will never win
It seems as if no one can be able to love and dreams
Patience and happiness are rare gifts to be obtained with pain
When only desire can find peace
I used to learn my true emotions of mine
The wisdom becomes a bliss
Truth is hidden everywhere
Everything on earth comes to an end

A gloomy sorrow sweet for all the hours
At the sound of the darkness spinning around the night
Few faint glistening hopes find their way through the abyss of dismay
It would be a joy to love my heart
But sorrow comes from a long time ago
And yet, in life, a great beauty shines
Time does arrive travelling with no destination
My soul had forgotten words
A little fear becomes mine
And my soul is full of pain

A gloomy sorrow of loneliness
The soul is smiling during the day
In vain, a million feelings were meant to die
Whole memories belonging to me
Happiness is born to die
Tomorrow a great fate could last forever
A treasure to be kept
While the future loses its feelings
Bliss would hide in a place beyond eternity
Being confined and helpless
Sobbing in a restless night

A gloomy sorrow
When the memories were never the same
A dull despair and delight
Life and death
Far away from my mind and thoughts
The light and shades of my soul shine
When the eyes are dark and cold
The flames of hope grow fast
Every time I write, a little dream manifests
Like a rose into the breath of the universe
When they call my name, I strive

A gloomy sorrow in the night
Longing to be seen
But a heavy cold sadness falls down
A white sun of light is glowing
And every ray of sunshine has blossomed from every side
Just as soon as the clouds fly through the air
The beauty of joy crosses the whole world
Heavy thoughts have drifted into my soul
The remembrance of a distant way I have travelled
I feel a longing to comfort my thoughts
I shall be loved by my anguish and wait no longer.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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