A Shock Of Dismay

A gloomy landscape inspiring a shock of dismay

A shock of dismay flowed into sadness,
Like pouring rain upon a deserted garden,
Where no flowers were seen,
But only dark leaves of disdain.

Midnight roses were scattered across the valley of despair,
When nothing else could have been achieved anymore,
The silence of death descended as the only comfort,
Glimmering and gloomy as a necklace made of diamonds and thorns.

The cold solitude of lost instants betrayed every blissful illusion,
Numb souls lost their unnamed loves,
Becoming locked treasure chests,
Without privileged keys to undisclose them.

Whispering longings were fading like forsaken memories,
Once belonging to lost hopes and dreams,
Fragile as evanescent clouds in the immense sky,
Where the sun was just an ephemeral pale gleam of light.

Tenebrous were the oblivious yearnings of delight,
Veiled from the gaze of envy and shrouded in the whispers of night,
Unconscious of the gentle embraces of the darkness,
Lost in the abyss of a Stygian sky’s silent flight.

The ethereal apathy of distant hopes deceived every expectation,
Shattering the mirrors of audacious promises,
The only fleeting chance was the ghostly grief,
Leaving behind a trail of pale regrets in its embrace.

In the remote realms of shadows and despair,
Lost in the echoes of gloomy memories,
Each moment died in a flicker of light,
Without any solace or sympathy.

A shock of dismay echoed the pang of a soul’s silent plight,
Whenever teardrops of sorrow glistened in the dead of night,
In the stillness of darkness, decay held sway,
A silent witness to time’s relentless play.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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