Dreary Nights

A spooky image evocative of dreary nights

Dreary nights descended, casting shadows’ shroud,
Whispers were lost in silent clouds,
Stars were obscured by gloom,
And Moon’s pale glow was devoured by doom.

Echoes haunted the still serenity,
Secrets were kept in darkness and faded like teardrops on ethereal veils,
Dreams were withered, worn, and torn,
Despair’s silence left souls forlorn.

Through misty alleys, memories wandered,
Winds murmured sombre tunes,
Amidst the chaos, hopes fell apart,
Piercing through dark remembrances.

In the embrace of endless night,
Dreams ensnared in a morose maze,
Awaiting the dawn’s dismal embrace,
Lost in the void and desolate plight.

Enticing yet terrifying desires ensnared loneliness,
Crumbling delusional fantasies and vain loves,
Dismantling all fears and worries,
Until oblivion swallowed every realm.

Nocturnal vexations and shock of dismay terrified all the blissful intemperances,
In the sombre glow of the midnight, shadows cast malevolent spells,
Tainting the ethereal dusk with a heavy cloak of melancholy,
Stupor and innocence could not escape from the snare of audacity and cruelty.

A glimmer of infinity enlightened the gardens of enchantment,
Casting ethereal shadows upon fragments of time,
The obliteration of illusions draped the scene in solemnity,
Leaving behind a desolate landscape of harsh reality.

As sighs of doubt crept through the hallowed silence,
Relentless and unforgiving cynicism shattered deceptions,
While the weight of disillusionment crushed every fragile sparkle of unsteadiness,
Leaving nothing but the unsteadiness of transfigured dreams.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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