An Apathetic Wonder

An Apathetic Wonder

An apathetic wonder at the sight of all the future catastrophes
A meaningful fear traps me and pulls me into the abyss of obscurity
Ghosts and spectres are my eager companions
Being in many places in one day
Travelling time quickly in a preternatural form
A glare of light and fire pretended to scare me
Everything was a dream of a vision
And suddenly, the present night appears
No more complaints when the world would outcast

An apathetic wonder like a golden morning candle
For another cold scent of winter
When the rain does not stop pouring on the streets
In the heat
And my blood is frozen like the winter snow
The beautiful colours of stars become flowers
All of a sudden
A mystery which never existed has been the truth on earth
Trying to forget distasteful memories

An apathetic wonder of the sky
Every time a desire becomes complex
Every moment of happiness and sorrow
It cannot happen again
An opportunity for the mind
Incurable wounds of the soul
Nothing but excellent astonishments
The water is everywhere, coming from the blue
Creating a vast ocean of tears and sighs

An apathetic wonder
Being busy living within my soul
Those ancient memories
From every place of my mind
Passing along with my own dreams
The sky is pure and dark
A lovely gloomy air
Where I cannot perceive any colour or sound
During an infinite journey in my subconscious

An apathetic wonder in a light storm
Winged like nothing else
My words fly away
Toward a remote invisible place
Where every kind of bliss and pain was dwelling
Once the sun was gone
As a gilded sign of merriment
And red roses were made of silver and gold
My heart could not beat anymore in delight
Because my dreams were open doors.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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