The Magnificent Wilderness

The Magnificent Wilderness

The magnificent wilderness of my dreams
Through the world’s magic abysses
The firmament rises and goes
Beyond the way of life
Beyond the way of death
A bright and glistening sight
Where stars move around an everlasting blaze
And most of the endearing memories fall down like old leaves
Sometimes nothing is heard but sadness
Never forgotten
Always lost

The magnificent wilderness of night
And above all, the dying stars
Faint and sighing
Like many excellent and memorable mementoes collapsing
Trying to impress under the beauty of the uselessness
Water, rain and wind shine translucent
In a sudden moment of reality
No gift is left
The time arrived to die and begin again
Bright and lasting forever
At midnight when the rainbow rises

The magnificent wilderness of life
The night is a dream
Every instant is overjoyed by a state of beauty
An icy shiver of delight and panic
Dwelling among dreadful dreams and shattered hopes
I stand alone in the misery of my futile discontent
And the deep sky is not in black and gold
When the green is never seen
There is only a silver ray in front of trees falling down
The beautiful leaves are scattered in the wind
Where the sunlight fades high, touching the stars

The magnificent wilderness
When nature’s colours blend
Blooming softly
A flower’s blossom is like a diamond
Many suns created more flowers
Shared all over the earth
Like in a dream full of surprises
To bring relief to a horrid reality
My mind becomes lost in an endless journey
With no way back
Lost in struggles

The magnificent wilderness of darkness
A mountain tree made of gold
My voice is silent within my heart
On a lonely way
Remembering the past bliss
Dreaming about stars and darkness
As they would come onto the planet every day
Pretending that everywhere wouldn’t be any sadness
With no future trials or strife
The grace of beauty and mystery would glow
No more to be revealed.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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