An Elegy Of Night

An imaginary nocturnal landscape similar to the one in An Elegy Of Night

In an elegy of night, shadows descended,
A waltz of whispers, in darkness, arrayed.
Moonlight wept upon the silent shore,
As stars mourned tales of forevermore.

Veiled sorrow drifted in a nocturnal hymn,
A requiem was sung where the shadows swam.
Ebon depths held secrets untold,
Glistening tears in the silence unfold.

Mournful echoes of the night’s embrace,
Lamenting winds weaved a somber delight.
Desolate blisses through the silent air,
A symphony of grief in the moonlit lair.

In obsidian mazes, a spectral sigh,
Grief-laden moon painted the midnight sky.
Solemn echoes resonated, softly they wept,
A nocturne of sorrows, in silence, seeped.

As a ghostly pallor veiled the world,
An elegy of night, in darkness, unfolded.
A depiction of shadows, a quiet refrain,
In the heart of darkness, echoes remained.

Beneath the reflection of the grieving moon,
Ephemeral stars whispered a lugubrious tune.
Creeping silence, a spectral frolic,
In an elegy of night, shadows swayed.

Dismal twilight, a gloomy veil,
Lingering regrets, a melancholy trail.
A fading glow in the abyss profound,
Where sorrow and solace were intimately bound.

A solitary raven, dark-winged and wise,
Cawed the verses of ancient berceuses.
Sable feathers in the stillness descended,
As an elegy of night discovered its transcendence.

Abyssal depths cloaked the world in sorrow,
As the midnight dismay intertwined with the promise of an eclipsing darkness.
Eternal sighs, a dirge in the eventide,
In an elegy of night, shadows alighted.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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