Sunlit Inception

Sunlit clouds reminiscent of a sunlit inception

In the dawn’s faded light, where shadows dissolved,
A sunlit inception, a story metamorphosed.
Fair hues caressed the waking globe,
A celestial artwork of a miraculous dawn.

With glimmers of light, morning unfolded,
Chasing away the night, its secrets untold.
The sun, a creator of shades so hallowed,
Ignited the portrait where pristine tales shone.

The empirical realms awoke in the sun’s warm embrace,
A prom of radiance, a subdued composure.
The universe whispered in the advent’s soft glow,
A sonnet of the dash, in sunlight, was forsaken.

Each sunlit inception, a promise anew,
A chapter unveiled an indigo and purple sky.
With every dawn, hopes took flight,
In the sunlit inception, where dreams kindled.

Beneath the cloudless onset’s evocative stare,
Magic flames unfurled in a magnificent blaze.
Spells were undisclosed and osculated by forenoon’s clasp,
Beneath the stars’ celestial glow, tranquility enveloped the night.

As darkness stretched its obscure tinge,
Inducing slumber to chaotic thoughts.
The breeze carried whispers, anecdotes untold,
In the sunlit inception, a realm was revealed.

With the dawn, an eerie silence draped the waking world,
Unleashing wonders in the dim morning shadows.
Each leaf, each dewdrop, a masterpiece was woven,
In the sunlit inception, a mystery was unveiled.

The clouds climbed higher, asserting their reign,
A dark ruler in the vast firmament.
Shadows advanced as twilight prevailed,
In the nocturnal initiation, the shadows whispered secrets.

A chorus of night creatures awoke as darkness descended,
Their hymns were tributes in the starlit panorama.
Amidst the veil of darkness, secrets were sparkled,
In the tranquil night, sighs echoed through the aether.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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