An Ethereal Desire

An imaginary vision of an ethereal desire

An ethereal desire for timeless dreams
As a soft wind that touches the stars scattered in the darkness of the night
In vain, glares strive to elude the snare of a hidden star
And once more, a leaf was enfolded in the fire’s embrace far from the sky
Words to be forgotten in a place
Where every pleasure becomes bitter
And happiness turns into sorrow
The earth would be full of anguish and grief
An eternal moment ceased to exist
Whilst gleams of despair glowed afar

In the realm of dreams, an ethereal desire ignites a burning fire
A transcendental longing arises in the night
And a whispering breeze touch unveils passions whose words cannot be dismissed
Stars twinkle in the depths of the soul’s abyss
Torching blazes with a gentle and tender bliss
A yearning that transcends the temporality
A metaphysical expectancy with no restraints floats on wings of hope
Reaching for the skies and unfolding secrets
Where true enchantment resides
In the quiet moments, when the heart is still, intangible wishes stir with an unyielding will

Elusive and sublime desires are like a melody that echoes through space and time
Embracing their essence and letting their magic colours float far away
Ethereal longings, like whispers from another realm, dance on the edges of the consciousness
The deepest desires hide beyond what words can convey
And they unleash their supernatural sway
A tapestry of emotions waiting to unfold dreams of untold prospects
Obscure yearnings defy earthly bounds
The intangible cravings that cannot be easily found
They reside between reality and dreams
Where gleaming sparkles storm the extraordinary and the ordinary

Intangible expectancies may take the form of a distant star
Transcendental dreams become ethereal and sublime
Capturing the supernatural, becoming boundless spirits
Whispers of metaphysical glimpses unlock the secret connection to the sublime
Abyssal reflections of silent lights hiding and holding no shadows
In the eternal gloom of a thousand thoughts
When all the luminaries vanish in the obscurity of mistrust
Like instants of an imaginary time of flourishing delight
A bliss and joy connected to the world of idyll
A tangible betrayal to the soul

An elusive fantasy trapped in the snare of darkness
The moon is slowly falling beneath the surface of the ocean waves
Binding the world with colours from a different universe
A world of dreams and luminaries without a beginning or an end
An everlasting longing to elude the illusions of reality
In the depth of shadows, where darkness dwells, an untouchable deception is silently compelled to reveal every concealed dream
Trapped in the snare of an unfair destiny
It seeks its way through winding paths
But the night’s embrace leads it astray
A flickering hope and a distant light embrace the everlasting darkness

The vibrant hues of an unknown world glide over the unboundedness
Where possibilities flourish, and dreams are sown
But the ambush of deceit is strong, and its grip unyielding
Its tendrils of doubt conceal forever the truth that lies beyond the veil
Where the heart’s desires never fail
However, longings still fight with unwavering might
Against the chains that bind them so tight
Deep within, a fire burns and a relentless spirit forever yearns
In the depths of the night, a melody of hope echoes like a resounding intention
The darkness quakes as the fantasy awakens and breaks free from its stakes

The darkness fades when it is no longer night
As it soars through the starlit sky
For in the realm of dreams, an elusive fantasy finds its destiny
In moments of despair, a remembrance that even in darkness, hope is always enduring
For within the hearts, a flame does burn as a compass through the snare of the unknown
No matter how elusive the fantasy may seem
With courage and belief, it might become a gleam
A beacon of light is forever shining with beauty in the depths of darkness and night, where shadows crawl
The stars glow in a universe engulfed in deep gloom through the darkling veil as celestial beacons
At every dawn, a new beginning held a chance to mend the flares that had been torn

In the depths of an ethereal desire, a fire burns bright
And a beacon of light glimmers with a mystical glow
Guiding dreams wherever they might go
Secrets of lost fantasies are elusive and rare
Weaving through the beliefs and the aether
They lure with obscure and grand promises
To explore new horizons and debates
Painting the sky with hues of vibrant dreams
Stirring passions and bursting like a shooting star
Whispers of chances are yet to be found

In unseen realms where dreams conspire
There dwells an ethereal desire
Like a soft whisper and a gentle flame
A yearning that transcends every name
A flicker of celestial light on the edge of the night
Emotions are faintly lured to hallowed halls through misty veils
A desire glides across the open sky like a fleeting sigh
It weaves through galaxies afar
Awakening dreams and guiding souls, both near and far
And unveiling truths from bizarre realms

An invisible enigma materialises as a ghostly gleam
Igniting untamed and wild passions
Silent secrets transcend earthly bounds
Reaching the infinity of the firmament
In the quietest depths of the universe
Hidden whispers find solace among the luminaries
Their enigmatic tales are beyond the confines of the visible world
In the domain of mystery and imagination
Blissful wonders are the reflection of a dreamland
A wonderland eternally bygone and nevermore to be forgotten.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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