Infinite Veils Of Magnificence

A painting reminding infinite layers of magnificence

Infinite veils of magnificence
Hidden inside a heart
Translucent dreams of invisible clouds
Blazes in the abyss of nightmares

Memories written and torn
Like notes swept away by gusts of icy wind
Nowhere is a safe abode for a frail leaf
Descending from the aether

An exquisite bliss of dreams
Expectations attend a feast of senses
A deep silence echoes loudly
In the dungeon of darkness and obsession

Every wavering is an unavoidable hesitation
Shattering illusions like fragile crystals
Beliefs are not allowed to linger
In the cloudy sky of misconceptions

The rising sun bequeathed all his radiance
To the realm of luminaries
Avoidance and persuasion
As the sovereignties of wisdom and joy

Intricate deceptions will nevermore be granted
In the domain of light and imagination
Infinite veils of magnificence
Disclosing secrets of the invisible universe

An artwork created with celestial grace
Where wonders and mysteries merge
And the night sky becomes a canvas of stars
Twinkling jewels in a cosmic dance

Each story evolves into a journey from afar
Whispering tales of love and chance
Fates swirl, vibrant and alive
Havens of misfortunes and blessings

Hues flourishing at every moment
A breathless sight of boundless realms
An eternal harmony of infinite possibilities
Diverse and grand like the scope of new discernments

Distinctive worlds with a unique assignment
Tiny awes, and wonders gaze at the beauty
Infinite veils of magnificence
Revealing the wonders of the unknown

Feeling the universe’s eternal thunder
In the depths of the night
When silence falls
And the world gently withdraws

Standing beneath the starry sky
The stars are like shimmering flames
Illuminating the darkness in wonder
Whispers and undisclosed secrets

The gloominess embraces the wonders
In the eternal game of day and night
Specks of infinite are in awe
Igniting the darkest nights

Magic of a boundless longing
In the realm of dreams
Where marvels reside
Enchanting whispers unveil mystical secrets

Glimmering spells transform the ordinary into luster
On moonlit nights, stars align
Casting spells of divine beauty
In the whispered secrets of a hidden space

A gentle sway of a flower’s bloom floats through the air
It ignites the imagination
Unleashing the power of prospect and freedom
Like a soft sparkle of eternal turmoil

When every instant stands motionless
The deepest desires melt with the wildest dreams
With a lasting emphasis on connection and breakage,
Where lust bursts into everlasting obscure flames

In the depths of the desires’ realm
Where passions ignite, and boundaries blur
There exists a flame burning bright
An intensity that makes every inhibition retreat

A desire burns in a blazing clasp
Exploring the chasms in a primal display
Whispers of longing in the hushed night
Where fantasies roam, taking flight

Unknown bounds unleash desires
A symphony of pleasure and sensations
A syncopation of hearts
A dance of ecstasy

In the realm of fondness,
Devotion is entangled with secret passions
Infinite veils of magnificence open hearts
Igniting a love beyond compare.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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