An Intrusive Sorrow

An intrusive sorrow in a world bound by deception and pleasure
My soul has changed its beauty in the shadow of its beliefs
Memories were buried in a grave to allow the past to last forever
Whilst nothing seems to be known, everything is not meant to be revealed
The nights can be sole and infinite in a universal truth
The meddling sorrows of distant shores belong to a dark and calm forlornness
Storms melt at the sound of the wind when the blizzard howls shrill screams
And the black shadows and gloomy clouds ruthlessly threaten remote stars
In vain, the ghouls seek refuge behind the dust of broken mirrors
Leaves of melancholy fall upon the tragedy of a lost grief

Meddling grief is left beneath a fountain of senses
When silence and darkness descent over every chasm of light
Dreams’ magnificence would never last forever
Whilst every uncoveted love might be dashed to pieces in a flare of doubts and grievances
Whenever goodness and joy might be left adrift
Unconscious ghosts created by illusions and fright
The undisclosed secrets of a heart can never be revealed in the labyrinth of wild and wise dreams
Lavish desires are crumbled to dust in an ephemeral shed
My heart has set me free from fear, darkness, and tears
A light-like mirror and a dim dream disappear into eternal joy

Dissonant grief of being lifeless
Where no secret can be lost
Like the fire that vanished from a doomed fate
Forever gone on an island with no shadows of happiness
A silent cry of despair and departures with no beginnings or ends
A prelude to nefarious anguish on those dark nights
Whose dash seems to be in an unknown state
A living spirit between everlasting worlds
Worshipping weaving and faded desires
Dissonant grief of a lost moment in the abyss of silence.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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