The Bliss Of A Dream

An imaginary vision of the bliss of a dream

The bliss of a dream is the first light of the nothingness
When every cloud has no future
And everything goes amiss
In the midst of the dreary emptiness
Once disillusions enclose disappointment in a tight-hinged lid box
Unaware of getting the deserved freedom
Dreams and illusions fluctuate in the frost
Lingering to be able to be time-bound
In the hope that everything would vanish in a faint glow of the eternity

The bliss of a dream that hastily changes
Time never has to sing in silence
The world has fallen while looking at the ideas breaking against the wall of unknowable
A painting of the mystery of a divine garden
Which has never been seen on earth
There is no wild wind without sorrow
Now moving with an inner brightness
Night air cannot be revealed to ice sun flakes falling at every wish

The bliss of a dream became too dark and glistened without purpose
A light-breaking fantasy drowned in the past
When hope is no longer alive
The scent and bloom of phoney flowers make everything drowsy
Every deception seems to be awakened at the end of a new universe
Darkness was forever gone, and joy overcame
In an instant as bright as the rarity of time
And a radiant soliloquy devastated the rains of happiness
No lasting hope blessed my pain

The bliss of a dream seems to fly
Whilst delight brings peace and amusement
Death and love overwhelm harmony and symmetry
In a perpetual storm of failed ideals and expectations
Nothing can endure life forever, and perishing is inevitable
Nothing will matter in the eternity of time
The sunshine grows old again and again
The dawn becomes the sunset
An untouchable longing oppresses the sky and the stars

The darkness of fears obscures every enthusiasm
There is no room left for wishes
Since sorrow swallowed betrayal and farce
The comfort of uncertainty lost every accomplishment
And consciousness fractured every momentary imagination
How amazingly full of hope is the unconcerned grief!
Though many broken memories unleash the exhausting power of hidden and repressed desires
Faith and dread glow forever through the fragments of broken mirrors
In solitude and silence, all the secrets remain undisclosed

Darkness and dread tear the stars apart, and all the dreams turn to dust
A blank aura shall set me free once again in the lifetime
The soul, mind and heart don’t bear any trace of elation
And life never becomes a merry destination
Desires are worth short winks of passion, and they become just a way to covet the buried truth with cold despair and agony
As loneliness and separation are the realms of eternal fondness
And the reality is made of the deceased moments of creation and destruction
A fate never to be revealed in the real divine ability of knowledge and wisdom
A wonder is worth exertion and infinite forgetfulness

As soon as the darkness of the morning pushed away the night
The abyss devoured every eerie star
The dimness of the shadows and clouds shone at the dusk
The silence was a mirage full of tears and sighs, and each deception became dust
The stars looked within me despite my memory
The empty breeze did make me weep
Now that I am forever forgotten on the road with no claim and praise
Choices were never have been forsaken
And another existence became a new dream

The darkness of dreams had come in the evening of hope and rain
Days without sight enticed a breeze of sorrow in the sunshine
The future is just cold, and there is no sun
A dark hope has been gone, although no inner joyful light has ever been forgotten
I have glimpsed memories and thoughts vanishing into the immortality
On a dark and soft night, all eternity has escaped into the vast ether in which I seemed to perceive shadiness and glares
The firmament was burning into my heart
and I had no desire to hold it inside myself
The mystery of the radiance was forever concealed in darkness and secretness.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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