An Unempirical Realm

An unempirical realm

An unempirical realm
As a characteristic of nature
Poetry is an environment of emotions
It is pretty far from pleonexia
But extremely close to lavishness
Wisdom is an ethereal essence
Created to live a life of bliss and joy
It is unfathomable and conceivable
Nature is in everything and nothingness
Time continues until darkness end
A day lost in hope is lost forever
Exhaustion of delight and lust
An honour of anguish and hopelessness

An unempirical realm of mystery
Where the mind is detached and unrestrained
A lifetime becomes an instant
Time is unrepeatable
The world is peaceless
Recycled wounds are made of illusions
Grasping the endless void of emotions futilely
In a universe of solitons and darkness
The emptiness becomes glorified and celebrated
A single time of consciousness is enough
The cosmic waves and oceans are made of ideas
Everything gets lost in time and forsaken
Forgotten and eternal worlds

An unempirical realm of nature
Enchanted without any meaning
When every word is denied
Seeking the beginning
With rare selfishness and envy
An intelligible system of life
A single extraordinary and unknown universe
Among the several ones
In acts of worldly senses
Escaping the sight of light and reality
The realm of the depths of life
Nothing to achieve and reach by
But only the silence of peace

An unempirical realm
A landscape of old times
The egotism of truth and denial
The void of love and greed
In search for a space and dimension
By the inescapable soul enchantment
With so many fallen dreams and precariousness
When I perceive the shadows of the stars
Struggling with every kind of achievement
A devotion which was lost and recovered
Holding a vision meant no sympathy
The essences of life and death are enclosed
With so many spasms of a new creation.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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