The Subliminal Paresis Of My Soul

The subliminal paresis of my soul

The subliminal paresis of my soul
Oblivion is the poesy of mind
Vanity and treasures are the paroxysms of nullity
I began to strive for my hopeless dreams
Without any intention of conquest
Disconnected from useless inquiry
Disintegrated is my soul
Split in multiple fragments
In a life hanging by a thread
The hallucinations devastate me
Falling into a sunken world
With the purpose of spoiling every hope of mine
Transforming constantly into some new shape
Like an amorphous entity

The subliminal paresis of my soul
Shrinking in an unloveable world
I never felt so nonsensical and translucent
Like the death inside space
The universe’s beauty is an image of my thoughts and beliefs
My spiritual visions are a reflection of the dimness of my imagination
Nothing but the wisdom of emptiness in the eternity
Without any proper understanding of the occurrences will happen
In the needlessness of lives
Many exquisite moments and memories are forgotten forever
I will become unknown as I never existed
Forsaken in a mean destiny
Time continues to fail inquisitively serene
Rejecting the day’s eternal night

The subliminal paresis of my soul
The blinking of the time passing incessantly
There is no reason I would not suffer indifference
Though my mind is pure as well as my heart
I will always mourn the mediocrity of the material objectification
That should be a secret of mine
But I will always express myself until I breathe at the very last
The truth could be the world’s treasure rather than a shameful blame
Not too smart enough to sugarcoat the horrid and havoc
At the end of the eternity
I will never get lost in another’s perspectives
As I am changeless and immutable in my perpetual unpredictable disposition
Nothingness and void are my welcomed companions
In the darkness of the nights
When the silence hushes my breath, I shut my eyes, sorrowful.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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