Blissful Anguish In The Daily Light

Blissful Anguish In The Daily Light

Blissful anguish in the daily light
Waiting no longer
Life seems like a dream that will break
Many things belonging to love always end
From a life filled with sorrow and bliss
Time ended everything
And happiness faded away
How could I feel hope and fear without a soul
Being my heart a fragment of despair and desire
Coping the frightful pain stabbing my soul
When I stare at my reflection on a white wall
As it would be another me waiting for my end

Blissful anguish in the daily light
The silent darkness is whispering secrets
I’m mute because that is how I live
Invisible and speechless
As a constant ghost would check my state of mind
I might be fearful, but I am not
My soul has never seen the present
Being bonded between the past and the future
Its arrival and its flow
It shall lead to new things to come
Hope begins once again
Until it is crushed into pieces

Blissful anguish in the daily light
The truth does not halt in the fall
I live with wonder
When there is no need to hide
Love might give eternal light
Existence becomes free of grace
And everything becomes blind
My thoughts glow above my eyes
In a perpetual chase for limited emotions
My mind’s endless glare overcomes me again
In every moment, a life is born
A beauty that will be

Blissful anguish in the daily light
Losing parts of myself
The hushed tears of misery
So brave and free is my mind
I dare not make a new choice
For without any joy
Life is powerful as truth
When a heart is full of sorrow
And sorrow goes with it
Then the soul can be sensed within it
A sorrowful bliss and unexpected transformation flow down through the darkness
In dreams, I never die for
Until I stand there all alone.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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