The Land Of Dreams

The Land Of Dreams

The land of dreams has no soul
I am a dream maker
Not human anymore
But I live in my truth
It is a paradise which has always been created
Never well known so much
My past was just a lie
So many times and ways I lived
Always seeking a place of happiness
When I find out a world
I am always striving to live in perfect stillness

The land of dreams was not filled with darkness
It is the world beyond and everywhere
Where nothing is lost in memory
And the ocean runs over where only truth can be found
So many secrets which cannot be seen
In existence, everything is lost in sight
With the rain to stay like my own birth
Looking for the beauty in my heart
Life is not always fabulous and simple
A unique gift and a loving treasure
My desires and shadows endure
With a glance at the dark

The land of dreams has no name
Under the misty sky, the wind blows through darkness and fear
And my dreams never shall now be seen
Sometimes there is a meaning in the senses
There is a life beyond destiny
The stars are out of the shade
The remembrance I’ve met in the far past
Too much has been forgotten forever
I was not somewhere, and the future appeared somehow
Wisdom is often seen by time or sight
The world of misery is in its own value
The soul needs no choice

The land of dreams is an echo I saw
And it is already gone and lost
Empty darkness, I shall become
Alone in the most sincere silence
Only the shadows are clear and warm
So far, long ago, my longings have ceased
Releasing the past and rejoicing in the storm’s dusk
Tears without pain
In happiness and hope
I rely on my excellent intuitions
No longer a bliss among my delusions
Though my soul is uncorrupted in every way.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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