Castles In The Air

A picture portraying castles in the air

Castles in the air,
An emotional journey inside myself,
Losing faith in humanity,
Always on the edge of survival,
Constantly too aware and sensitive,
It was not essential to know which colour the sky was,
Since, at the end of the day, every sigh and disillusionment arrived as soon as the darkness enveloped my imagination.
Living without windows in my castle in the air,
Living of mysteries and secrets of obscure alcoves,
Every time I did my own journey into the labyrinth of my mind,
Faraway, in the forest of my reminiscences, I lost myself, forgetting who I really was.
Once upon a time, melancholy ensnared me, confining me in a dark dungeon of despair and anguish.
Would have loved to be emotionally unavailable, but it was not the case.
Awakening with no regrets and the folly of fearing every single instant, surrounded only by silence and twilight.
No expectations would have implied any disappointments in the mere illusion of leaving a lasting mark on the ephemeral canvas of existence.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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