Wondrous Visions

A dreamy picture evoking wondrous visions

Wondrous visions of haunting nightmares obscured the sacred realm of dreams and desires.
Anguish and despair were willing to accompany compassion in the midst of the darkness of the spirit.
Despite all the pretensions of perfect happiness, the glowing mystery of beauty and sublimity shattered into pieces.
The remnants of broken dreams were scattered into shards of shattered hopes.
Fears and doubts extinguished all the burning flames of enthusiasm, leaving behind only the cold ashes of disillusionment.
Nothing could have changed the gentle misery of folly and obliviousness.
Bewilderment and madness were the only constant shadows of a lonely wanderer.
Wondrous visions of lost dreams and beautiful memories were buried beneath the hollow trees of nothingness.
A perpetual torture of death and destruction annihilated every gleam of delight and joy.
Lights and shadows were cast upon the silent meadows of desolation, building castles of solitude and sorrow.
Teardrops of melancholy and disquietude descended as crimson stains on the forsaken portrait of grief.
A sad melody of deserted desires became a cage of decayed fantasies.
Waves of reveries ranged between reality and dreams, like a gentle breeze meandering through the branches of a twilight forest.
A whispering wind conveyed fragments of forgotten memories, stroking the leaves and swaying the shadows.
The garden of longings became a refuge of wisdom and solitude, offering solace amidst a tumult of thoughts.
In the liminal space betwixt dusk and dawn, the veil between realms blurred, disclosing a domain where the extraordinary became conceivable.
Fragile wonders dissolved into the aether, leaving behind no trace of their existence.
Empty emotions lingered, casting their faint imprints in the void.
A sad shallowness tainted every wondrous vision and marvel, and the passage of time reduced them to ethereal dust.
Arrogant and harassing nightmares ensnared the beauty of the night’s desires.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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