Clouds Of Dismay

An imaginary landscape reminding me of clouds of dismay

Clouds of dismay hung eternally in the obliviousness of the senses
Misery and wickedness lured all the virtues kept secreted
Shadows of regret welcomed every illusion
A wilderness of irrational and fatal dreams thrived in the realm of aether
Where silent and undisclosed longings wandered like mere clouds of dismay
And quiescent hopes faded away as soon as the darkness reclaimed its dimension
The mystery of the unknown was kept forever locked in the sublimity of the void
Nothing became sure as long as the unconsciousness awoke from its eternal slumber
Perpetual fatal games of failed expectations got lost in the abyss of hostility and desire
Sacred lies revealed their emptiness
Temptation and disquietude were ensnared in a maze of wild passions
In a gelid solitude, captive of betrayal, desolation reigned supreme
The veil of uncertainty descended like a draped cloak
A deep hollow of delight was imbedded in the still dusk
A temporary relief was found in the soothing embrace of the moment
The perplexity of wonder and awe found merriment in the enchantment of chaos and turmoil
The secret despotism of fictitious and whimsical desires caused astonishment and wonder in the domain of anguish
Whispers of illusion echoed in chambers of vexation and annoyance
Imitation perpetrated ordinary decay of moral failures
Whenever difficult and exquisite gaiety succumbed to caricatures of disdain
Silent was the sarcasm of regrets and failures
Delusions vanished like frail specks of crystal
Secreted perception of delight inflicted bitter and disregardful distress
Ungracious insinuations of sagacious wisdom despised concealed arrogance
Instants of numbness and meaningless idleness collapsed like sable castles
Unexpected reckless extravagances stood in amazement as the outcast’s sagacity shone brightly
Evanescent imagination intoxicated magnificent astonishments
Whilst solitary entangled thoughts lingered in profound silence
The gloomy stillness of fantastic devotions was humbled to dust
Mysterious concerns of vain ambitions persisted in shameful defiance
An unreliable justification had no sway within the realm of fate’s influence
Lost within the relentless shroud of dismay, hope seemed but a distant memory, fading with each passing moment, leaving only the ache of unending sorrow.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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