Darkness Amidst The Storm

A tempestuous night like darkness amidst the storm

Darkness amidst the storm emerged from the silent quietness
While a stark tempest lacerated every veil of shadow
Gloomy clouds wrapped the solitude in an ominous embrace
Silence wept for all the concealed secrets
Gardens of anguish were enlivened by flowers of decay
The relentless chaos was slowly swallowing the universe
The avarice of unknowledge and stupidity smeared the beauty of wisdom, like in an endless nightmare
Nonetheless, sometimes, some blossom of hope would have bloomed like a sudden flash of light
Anguish extinguished every flame of eternal bliss
Encompassing the torpor of the night with its thin cloak of gloominess
Torments were the only mere certitudes of ghostly consciousnesses lost in the dimness
A deep and hollow dismay was buried in oblivion
The gloomiest shades of the dusk overpleased melancholic remembrances
Labyrinths of illusion ensnared the truth into a treasure chest
The wilderness of coveted longings disclosed the avarice of nothingness
Fates of destruction destroyed every sparkle of passion
Hopes were destined to vanish in a mere instant
The seclusion of desires failed to hide from the misery
The decline of bliss and joy would have been overshadowed by the realm of bitter nightmares
Every speck of forbearance was overthrown like a useless scrap
In the darkness amidst the storm, virtue blended with wickedness
Nothing could have been preserved since everything was going to be obliterated
Tales of delight became mere rememberings of failed fantasies and expectations
The eagerness to relinquish all that was lost acquiesced to fade away
Forsaken dreams of delight were injured by the vengeance of horror tales
Darkness and light became unrecognizable inside every infinite utopia
A maze of madness was made of erratic trails full of twists and enigmas
In the realm of shadows, echoes of melancholy lingered, smearing a portrayal of enduring sorrow.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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