Darkness And Shadows

image portraying darkness and shadows

Darkness and shadows enveloped stormy blisses
As a dreadful strangeness afflicted every mellowed quietness with harshness.
Restless and dark lights glimmered through the ghastly paleness of sorrows.
The serene ocean waves sighed at the desires’ brightness in profound silence.

Images of anguish faded in the dusk when solitude hesitated to find amusement.
Lonely longings of restrained gaieties dissolved like bubbles on the mirrors’ sleekness.
Hesitating instants struggled against a sense of vanity,
Gleams of light persuaded illusionary decay to shine like kaleidoscopic jewels.

Unfair was the betrayal of taciturn obliviousness
While storms dazzled the quiet obscurity of the remote.
Gloomy ideas hunted ethereal and delightful hopes under the sublime thunders
In the deep shadow hollowness.

Gleams of sublimity disrupted a gloomy silence of fear
When the cloudiness of stillness sunk into a deep slumber.
Anguish was dissipated by lingering flames in the emptiness of the infinite,
Desolate and gloomy mysteries of melancholic imagination faded away in the deep, hollowed valley of despair.

Clouds of grief and hopeless sorrow mingled with wonder and happiness,
A fate of resignation and devotion fell into the snare of dreadful emotions.
Uncertainty abandoned every sparkle of ethereal loveliness and bliss,
And rewards would have been granted to paradox and forgery.

Regret and anguish sought refuge under the obscure shadows of silence and secrecy.
Dreams were obscured by grief and a still melancholy of the night
Wrapping the upper aether with a sparkling blue-purple veil.
A silent stillness echoed in the fantasy realms of longings and delusions.

Darkness and shadows whispered secrets, casting an enigmatic aura over secluded gardens at midnight.
In the midst of this ethereal realm, the rustling leaves echoed their cryptic tales,
Enchanting solitary wanderers with the enigma of the night’s concealed stories,
Drawing them into a world undisclosed forever,
Hidden under the veiled canopy of stars and sealed within the sanctuary of shadows and the whispers of the eternal night.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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