Gloomy Delights

A picture evoking gloomy delights

Gloomy delights in the mist were wandering on the waves of the ocean of dreams while veiled in clouds and lost in the gleaming tinges of the sky
Expectations mingled with delusions whenever sorrow overwhelmed anger
Extravagant treasures of knowledge illuminated the realm of beauty and truth
Impressions of delight were obliterated by melancholy
Boundless hopes embraced enthusiasm whenever regret would tear down the veil of bliss and joy
Magnificent decay of lost dreams and delightful glimpses of sorrow were forever forsaken by the ghosts of darkness
The stars trembled through the aether, and darkness obscured every mirror of light
A lingering sublime stillness of the night awakened a twilight melancholy
Distress and disillusionment cast away every speck of happiness and illusion
Folly and vice obliterated every knowledge and wisdom
Vacant and hollow anguishes sought refuge in a languid idleness
The dimness of misery confined dreary castles built with displeasures and fears
Raindrops fell like tears on the sleek and reflective cover of treasure chests
Solitude increased among the gloom of lost desires, and silent dusks overshadowed the first gleam of nightmares
Shadows of twilight resigned from the tumultuous nothingness
Shades of sorrow fell upon the valleys of vanity and delight
Mystic delights from distant obscurities died away in a solemn stillness
Spells of whimsical fluctuations were enchanted by sparkling luminaries
Dismal glimmers disappeared into the pale blue light of the night
Languors of regret were overwhelmed by delirious delusions
Wishes and hopes were annihilated by despair, and frail longings loomed every peaceful surrender
Faraway from the realm of inessential naiveness, sighs echoed through the pure aether of beauty and sublimity
The scent of truth was sealed into a crystal chest of humbleness and honesty, to never be disclosed to undesirable and ominous ghouls whenever the moonlit whispers unveiled the garden’s secrets.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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