Ghost Lights

imaginary scenario where ghost candles might be lit

Ghost lights were surrounded by the void of a dark night
Whenever the stars refused to devote themselves to a dream of bliss
Nothing could be heard or seen
Leaving the souls navigating in the dimness of the infinite ocean
Attractive puzzles lure invisible spells of overcast desires
Paradoxical hopes and wishes will never be born
Silence sovereigns the empirical realm of inventions and hypothesizes
A beautiful madness and charming delight were oblivious of every decline and destruction
Clouds of fragility cast their doubts over the unknowledge
Introspective and scornful stillness drowned the worlds of ideals
Nightmares were lighting candles in the shapes of ghosts and spirits
Drops of indifference created an immense ocean of devastation
All the celestial entities were tragically gloomy
Contradictions and sorrow kept their treasure chests underneath the time
Perpetual expectancies of wonders and appealing charms
Flickering ghost lights that might never been lit
In the imaginary quest for a timeless dream
Where an ethereal infinity of waves of shadows and echoed dismay burnt in the fire
Futility flashed in the mocking mirrors
The obscure soul of the world became darkness
Shining brightness over a faint hue of shame and greed
Passions hid from every sight
Like secrets silently lying stony in the dark corners of hearts
The imperturbability of sunbeams vanished in the ineluctable and diaphane nothingness
A wind of decay and beauty
Madness in a maze of darkness
Gold lights from burnished caldrons
Flames and orange blossoms among the fog of shattered glass
At the edge of the sea, in an obstinate and noisy gloominess
Wild aether of brightness sunk slowly beneath a cold tower of anguish
Whilst the blue dusk held the nightfall tight to its ineluctable embrace
The darkness indulged in a silvered silent doom
A pale storm of scribbled words shone in the darkness
Black clouds and thunderstorms stretched across the evening skies
Realms of illusion and farce
Where quiet ships navigated through the gelid light
Violet strings hastened in the night sky under the moonlight
A poisonous wind lifted grey metal waves
Leaving dreadful mirrors on a garden of desolation
Troubled vain of a faint destiny
Idle flowers with lazy petals and floating leaves
An abode of bliss mysteriously faded away
A wandering and quiet dusk forgot to rest in oblivion
Realms of deceased scrawls bore grief and sorrow
Fountains of gaiety and life stood behind absurd dreams that gleamed in delight
The leaden essence of the night fled over the heights of darkness
Vaults of incomprehension and quarrels simply showy and ridiculous
No one could have declared the veridicality of the life show
Where realities were like ghost lights in a nightmare of obscenities
A doom for sensibilities but nevertheless updated to nowhere
Changes of a vulnerable fate might have declared a confutable blame
Senses and reasons did not have a chance to be unblemished.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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