Blooming Blazes

Blooming blazes rose in the depths of darkness
A spark ignited a flicker of longing
A beacon of light was created from the ashes of doubt
Timid embers burst into flames
Overwhelming fear and swallowing all chagrin

Oddities and burdens let the glow rise and bloom
A magnificent spectacle lost resilience
And desertion became a crimson glimmer
Embracing transforming into a flower made of fire and stone
Whilst a wild desire transfigured into a zephyr of resplendence

With each transitory gust of wind
Shining dreams soared to the azure sky
Untamed blooming blazes flared as wondrous gleams
Dark auburn leaves fell on an autumn day
Burgundy roses kept their secret beauty

Future memories would not be erased yet
In the certitude of the suspicion and deafening foulness
Whilst the ordinary tackiness suppressed every trace of wisdom
Like in a sumptuous residence with decadent walls
Where the gloominess resided perpetually

Nothingness shattered every speck of integrity
In the obliviousness of the dearth of wisdom and sensibility
As if the ocean waves would have ceased their motion eternally
The nonsense became a revered ruler in the blatant monologue of ignorance
Platitude and sarcasm welcomed every disgraceful belief

A scorned doom swallowed every forsaken liberty
Since reality and illusion never belonged to simultaneous fragments of time
Always neglected and never beloved was the truth
A realm cloaked by shadow and darkness
Like a concealed treasure only visible to a spare universe of daydreams

Silence and unfairness prevailed as certitude was cast away
Hurling wonderments in the depths of despair and adversity
A glimmer of defiance would bear a flame of hope and resilience
In a garden of fire and under the stars’ warm gaze
Fiery sways and blazes bloomed as glowing embers

Burning torches of gold reached for the sky
A disquieting view of flares gleaming in the faded twilight
In the stillness of the night, flames turned to cinders
And everything faintly faded away
Amidst the dusk mist of secrets and tales

In a maze of shadows and solitude
Wild roses blossomed and flared up like garnet sorrow
Time unceasingly seized the silent departure of an elusive and fleeting void of a long night
A fragile fate contemplated the shimmering lights of remote stars
Beneath a dark and deep velvet sky prospering as a cosmic delight

A timeless mystery of existential sadness sought the light within the darkest dimness
A realm of fear and fleeting rays where no dream was allowed to exist
Nevermore a hope or a bliss might have been freed from the doom of the infinity
Dark and fiery clouds escorted every luminary
For innocence and integrity were forbidden every time a desire for iniquity and greed manifested

Once again, the serendipity went blind and deaf because of the noisy and sparkling avarice
Making room for showy phantoms of illusions and loathing
Ignorance could feast commendably with lust and exploitation
Unfair insanity was questioning the truth, being coveted by phoney love
Whilst the darkness was attending the show with its mute whispers and laughs

Principles of probity were obliterated into blooming blazes
In the instants of torpors and madness
A consequence of irreverence and deceptive pledges
Lonely and isolated longings became part of a forgotten realm
Where the past and future were melted into a unique entity

In the domain of doubts and unrevealed mysteries
Nonsense and scepticism unfolded the paradox of certainties
Whimsical suspicion of a defying reason challenged every belief
Contradiction and logic were in an endless chase of a multifaceted truth
Unworthiness became popular and excellent

Being existence an erratic show of pretence and mendacity
In a world of guile and deceit, a stage of masks and facades often surged
A play of unconcealed flamboyancy and luxury like transient blazes
Whenever truths were veiled, and lies were sold
While mendacity hid in the shadows of deception

An endless chase of betrayal and misleading pretences created an intricate web of deceits
An inauthentic masquerade glimmered through the night
Obliterating several premonitions amid a grand charade
In a sequence of detached ideas and beliefs
Beneath a firmament made of a hologram of luminaries

Blooming humbugs of wonders and awe
Roadmaps of destiny and frail fates
Like delicate threads woven through time
When dreams were shattered and hopes departed
In the beauty of the night, luminaries held sway

In slumbering realms, ethereal fantasies were guiding lanterns in the sea
Shadows glowed through forests of enchantment and valleys of desire
Whispers found solace in the dusk
As stars sprinkled stardust in their silent flight
And the aethers whispered secret illusions

Fleeting moments of inner worlds faded like divine glimpses
Their shining surreal delusions became a vision in the gloaming
Dazing the mesmerising darkness with blazes
A cold purple moon blinked on the gloomy clouds
As a mockery of the beauty of the lost and empty time

Claustrophobic solitude crumbled like pebbles in the rain
Everything went lost and to be recovered nevermore
Hopes and dreams were the only chimaeras to stun and appease the infatuated believers
Ghostly remembrances were sweet like poison
Ready to hypnotise and release every deceased enthusiasm

A sudden and unexpected temperance seemed to be deceived
A melancholic obviousness melted terribly under the daylight of the consciousness
Everything was impossible and immutable
In such a way, fate has been determined in an unavoidable way
A cruel and spasmodic reality created unrealistic wickedness

Wisdom for a while and insanity for eternity
A mere dim light of nonsense without a change and words
A loathed and beloved past that became an unintelligible future
Forgotten thoughts were blooming like scintillating blazes
In a realm of disguised virtues and fragments of perpetually concealed truth

A silent storm of memories and torments deceived the night
The destruction of fears and suspicions preserved the allusive state of intrusive and pretended reality
Which was to be diffused and nevermore disclaimed like a giant oak tree in flame
So often claimed certitudes mistrusted dreams and visions
While gardens of crystal flowers grew under the shadows of intemperance.

The metaphysical universe was destroyed, and the nothingness became eternity.
The reminiscence world sunk to the depths of obliteration.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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