Gleams And Shadows

Gleams and shadows are shut in the twilight
The sweet echo of the evening strikes the trees
And the rain descends upon the deserted valleys
In such silence and doom, I forget my own name
Making amends for my forsaken life
Full of ghosts and shady sights
Doubting it could be true and real, all I dreamed in the long nights
Swallowing my dreams with rage and tears
Buried under the soil of my heart
In the distress of my apathetic mind
Full of empty thoughts and hopes

Gleams and shadows of my delusional soul
In an effort to displease and reject all those horrible lies and betrayals
Shallow illusions fall down on my head like heavy glowing crystals
Waiting for the wind to strike the greenish grass
In an upside-down realm of showy paper characters
I wonder if I might rely on my perceptions or if it is just a nightmare ghoul
An ostentatious parade disappears from my memories
Fainting on my paper scraps inside a dreadful hut
Loyal to my beliefs and elusive prospects
In the dim of spilt leaves, chandeliers defy the autumn wind
Carrying piles of happiness and trust

Gleams and shadows through the storm
Through the chilly and misty morn
Have moved my grief and woe
To the tide where the lightning meets the furious thunder
Vanishing in a dark distant thought
Nevermore to become a fragile leaf under the influence of turbulent winds
A realisation of lost instants and flames
As part of the turmoil of mischief and complacency
Ideas become certitude, and blame is made of inconsistency
A silent gloom defeats the depths of the winter
In the dark shadows of a suffering dream.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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