Glistening Amnesia

A glistening amnesia imaginary vision

Glistening amnesia of the night
A soul of a rainbow that is behind forgotten shadows
A thousand roses chase the daylight
A moment in seconds waiting for life
The detachment of a dashed fate
Love and sorrows of a lost soul
A dream of woe and sadness
The undisclosed eternity of the afterlife
Unstable wisdom cluttered with prejudice and forgery
Waiting for an empty choice deprived of consequences
Ghosts of memories of never existed moments

A glistening lost treasure
Once just a memory of my thoughts
Amidst a sleeping flock of clouds
The sourness of the darkness vanishes
Like a frail vision of bliss and hope
The wind blowing off the leaves
Everything had become quiet, and a secret
Like a spell blooming into a mirage and a curse
An infinite deception freezing in a glass cage
A hidden dream of blissful illusions
The scent of beauty in the darkness and coldness

A glistening radiance in the pit of oblivion
Shining with a melancholy glance
Of a solemn reality of silver smiles
The grief that shakes the breath of love upon the clouds of silence
Rising with the flowers in bloom in the eternal earthy desire
The ocean fills my dreams like a pure and magical sun
The stars are burning, and the sunrise shines in the twilight
The newness shows up for each rose in the garden of deception
An endless reflection of expectations and delusions
Seeking lost happiness in the ghastly emptiness
A wildfire in the dark sand of my heart

A glistening radiance on the evening sky
Coming from a mild star with bright white rays
A delight of rare and intense beauty remains concealed at the sight
A tender memory of the old times becomes only a mirage
A polychromatic sky upon the green dusk full of clouds of rain
Bright morning wonders lingering in the mist
The crystal whispers in a mysterious ancient garden
The glowing splendour of the sun has made its way into the forest
Where the trees gently glow pale in dreamy clouds with blazing green
Meadows as bright as the bloom of their green buds
Shining petals fall in the twilight like falling fire beneath the haze.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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