Gloomy Shadows

An imaginary scenario of gloomy shadows

Gloomy shadows descended over the quietness of the dusk
A silvery and ethereal smoke met a sorrowful oblivion
Despair and grief conjured against every shard of bliss
Melancholy would have been the gift and cure for anguish and woes
A rain of misery and dismay flooded the gardens of hope
Obscurity was a relief to painful ideas and thoughts
Although, oftentimes, the amusement was found in gloomy shadows
Stormy skies full of clouds could not prevent the stars from brightening in their splendor
Nothingness was the shade of distresses
Whilst sighs of tainted dreams overshadowed the immensity of the obscurity
The abyss of sublimity wept tears of gems and gold
Silent sobs disclosed the imperturbable infinity
An ocean of illusions and lost desires sought to amuse a soft slumber
Dismal tales full of melancholy reveries embraced pain and sorrow
Restless nights of torment would have sobbed infinite tears of distress until the mildness of the darkness faded away
Late was the slow ticking of time for broken secrets once locked in the doom of an oath
Languid torpor made the fears and concerns melt into the dust of stars
A cloudiness firmament was the witness of chaotic destructions
Where a transcendental sublimity was shattered into invisible pieces
Tumults of delight grew pale, and fainted in the dark
Smashed glasses of expectation were obliterated by a gelid wind of disappointment
infinite waiting in the abyss of dark clouds
Forsaken words might have been turned into dust like grumbles of delusions
Illusive nonsense paved the way for slander and deception
A descent into obliviousness and chaotic envy led to a seclusion of senses
Absent remembrances were clouded with endless sorrow and cruel disdain
Melancholy reflections threw sadness on every delightful bliss
Until nothing could remain but distress
And nevermore would an everlasting longing have been blamed for a twisted utopian idyll.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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