I Want To Embrace My Fears

I Want To Embrace My Fears

I Want To Embrace My Fears

I want to embrace my fears
Even though I end up crying for so many reasons
I want to love the pains in my heart

Sometimes I have the feeling that I am in a ballroom
With thousands of mirrors covering the walls and ceilings
Each mirror reflecting a different image of myself

I have to break every chain of the past that holds me captive
Every day I am reborn as a new creature who is essentially made of stars
I wonder how much of myself am I willing to lose to please the conventions

Every time I write
I am always scared of overexposing myself
And anxiety overcomes

People think I am too weird, complicated and anticonventional
Just because they don’t understand me
They cannot see in me anything else than a tropical flower

Sometimes I am subject to street harassment
Which is a habit that will never pass as well as the rape culture

Society normalises and supports sexual objectification and criticisms

I am a descendent of the witches who weren’t burned.
Esther Racah

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