In The Darkness Of The Night

In the darkness of the night
The stars shone down on sand walls
And there shall remain black clouds
Beneath open flames on a dark sky
Which set fire to ashes
The sun shone from over a place above
In search for every fear in its glare
Its light slowly descended upon me
It might still be very cold
As a dream was born one thousand times

In the darkness of the night
The night-at-midnight hesitated
And I was in the darkness
It was so loud that words could not depict
My eyes and my heart were locked
Although it was still beautiful and sublime
This dream was never the same
A shadow burnt my heart
Each moment the soul was torn
A desire was claimed for each cry

In the darkness of the night
I have discovered my dreams
I thought they were all unattended
The dimness endured and stayed
The memories disappeared in the dawn
When the sky hung with the stars
Auburn leaves lit the wind
The beauty of the glow dwelt in the secret of a dream
The memories of the tomorrow were gone astray

In the darkness of the night
I saw a dream I had to remember
But it was too late
And even though the vision came again
I felt only silence and desolation
Happiness seemed lost, never to return
A doomed prospect waited at the gate
With fluorescent glow and deceitful attire
Tangled in a shining glass made of illusions
Life is a moment of sheer consciousness

In the darkness of the night
My eyes have no reply
I wonder and doubt not
As I break the stage of time
The secret echoes tingle
I wonder why I need an end to change
These scars will alter just for all I know
The light is known as the glow of the clouds
The silence has a final touch because there is no one to wait
Strolling in the sky, I disappear as a faint glimmer of light.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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