The Mystery Of My Soul Reflection

The mystery of my soul reflection
My senses cannot see the world
But a single emotion so intense
It may not be depicted in the real world
If I am ever a spark of a wonderful dream
Where nature does not appear
To reveal the infinite essences
A nocturnal creature going through many roads
A soul in the visible world
As life has to evolve and transform

The mystery of my soul reflection
I seize a dream of eternity
Until the ocean sounds of passion
In the intense bliss of beauty
Deep sorrow is burning like a dark flame
Seeing my image reflected in a broken mirror
A shattered heart never dies
It hangs in between opposite worlds
I feel the blaze I cannot see
Whilst reading empty pages

The mystery of my soul reflection
I live while I’m trapped in an image
When thinking is something profound and beautiful
I seek the stunning chasm
Somewhere behind a hidden place
Which sometimes is not so extravagant
And can be found totally meaningless
Like the first silver stars shining everywhere
And the autumn clouds above the blue dew
It’s a magnificent and delicate sight

The mystery of my soul reflection
Fragile is my mind’s mask
My deep leisure has become my secret
In the shadow, the emptiness shines like a star
Through his open glass, a mirror afflicts my heart
My soul is still burning from a sunken devotion
My life’s reflection shining from inside
I am not alive without any word
No wonder I’m lonely now in the space
So desolate, sad and puzzling today

The mystery of my soul reflection
I wish I could be in dreams
I am in silence, and this is my time
And I am walking in the darkness
Striving and suffering
Looking at a landscape made of indifference and deception
Hope falls like fire in the night
Far across the horizon
I need an infinite glow from above to remind me how perfect I am
But I am still waiting to see the dark sky whose light is too high.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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