In The Metaphysical Realm Of Words

In an imaginary metaphysical realm of words

In the metaphysical realm of words
Where beauty resides
My untamed heart with passion abides
Free verses fly guided by pure and bright emotions

Words caress my soul
Like gentle raindrops falling on the ground
With whispers soft and profound
Waves of dreams and desires unveil truths and ignite poetic fires

In the depths of darkness, there is the light
And eloquence paints the starry night
Rhymes dance like fireflies in the sky
Illuminating hearts as they depart towards desire, where all pain ends

Through the pen, a silent voice expresses the voiceless
Unveiling the unseen, the forgotten, and the timeless with empathy
Poems, like melodies, linger in the air
A symphony of emotions beyond compare

The capture of moments, fleeting and divine
Transcending time in each rhythmic line
Might and grace trap words that are a relief in a world full of strife
Through verses, reality heals and mends

In the metaphysical realm of words
Where thoughts and dreams are ethereal
I wander through the cosmic maze
Seeking truths in mysterious ways

I delve into the depths of the mind
Where consciousness and spirit bind
Exploring realms beyond the seen
Where reality and fantasy convene

In the metaphysical realm of words, time loses its hold
As I journey through stories untold
The boundaries of existence blur
As I traverse the metaphysical stir

Visions of alternate dimensions unfold
As my perception begins to behold
The interconnectedness of all that is
In this cosmic prom, where everything lives

I ponder the nature of reality
As I unravel the threads of discrepancies
Seeking the essence that lies within the concealed and unknown
In the depths of this metaphysical spin

In the metaphysical realm of words, where thoughts dissolve in the aether
I embrace the mysteries, day and night
For in the metaphysical’s embrace
I find solace, wonder, and endless grace

So I let myself wander through the darkness and emptiness
Exploring the depths of the invisible
Unveiling the secrets that the universe holds
Mysteries disguised in remembrances are forever kept in a treasure chest.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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