Lost Dreams

A photo of a storm that evokes lost dreams

The grave of all those lost dreams was buried underneath forsaken whispers echoed through a solemn silence.
Cold winds cut fears and memories like sharp blades in the obscurity of the night.
Nothing could have been found in the sky as the clouds faded away on the horizon.
Perpetual anguish concealed long reveries of desires and blisses.
Fear would devour every hope of aliveness and happiness after misery burned thoughts and feelings.
The quest for fate was undisclosed in the folly of unawareness and despair, although the time offended all the unpredictable intentions.
The emotions gasped at their loss of expectation whenever the cruel destiny would destroy every existence.
No safety was waiting for the naive creatures of immortal nights and austere longings.
The realm of greed and grotesqueness was constantly depleting the universe of beauty.
A thin layer of glow was shattering under the pressure of ominous ruthlessness.
The preamble of defeat was imminent as a sarcastic warning of the end.
Frozen loneliness was welcomed by obliviousness and destruction.
All the sable castles were devastated by a raging ocean of indifference and cruelty.
The solitude was the only companion, a shadow that clung to every thought like an unwavering ghost.
Lost dreams were powerless, scattered like fragile remnants in the turmoil of forgotten aspirations.
Nothing could have been preserved once the relentless march of time had claimed its inevitable toll.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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