Soft Doom

A gloomy landscape reminding of a soft doom.

In shadows deep, where silence creeps,
A soft doom whispers as darkness sleeps.
Sweet echoes of the eerie night,
In verses haunting, emotions ignite.

Locked seals of secrets in shadows,
Concealed in the dark of lost longings’ throws.
A portal of dreams, solitary and bold,
Casting a spell on the realm untold.

Hopes and dreams were shattered and cast away by fate,
A cruel design, a relentless twist of state.
In the wreckage of expectations lay decay,
Yet, from the ruins, resilience found its way.

Slowly, the breeze of betrayal froze gardens and trees,
Leaving behind a labyrinth of whispers and pleas.
Whenever bliss was blossoming in the relentless darkness,
A storm of shadows eclipsed every joy with starkness.

Gloomy clouds of despair could not spare any hope,
As they unleashed torrents of sorrow in an endless slope.
Lost dreams were vanishing in fear,
Like heartaches drowning slowly in tears.

When the night came to its perpetual end,
A silent cry disrupted in shadows to mend.
A soft doom rifted through the midnight chimes,
Whispering secrets in haunting rhymes.

Oblivion was the ethereal answer to every mystery,
Shrouded in the moonlight’s cryptic history.
Light and darkness entwined in a feral embrace,
Where echoes of eternity whispered through celestial space.

Dark and oppressive secrets,
Rustles in a moonlit recess.
A forlorn tale that eerily persisted,
Where shadows were coveted and their mysteries twisted.

In the realm where darkness conspired,
Echoes of forbidden and clandestine were desired.
A garden of gleaming enigmas silently held to the night,
Where nocturnal riddles danced in the soft starlight.

The dreary destiny was overshadowed by sorrow and desolation,
In a universe where expectations struggled against relentless isolation.
A tower of fear and terror created an ascendency of contempt,
When stormy clouds were gathering in a final attempt.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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