Paranormal Life

Paranormal Life

Paranormal life is taking place
Missives from past and future
A story behind good or evil
However fair could be this time
I do always move forward with a chance
Irrevocable thoughtless by day
I become made of things out of fantasy
For years in future, I would not be found
No matter how is senseless evermore to like what we believe
I would be better going together in love and hate

Paranormal life
Where I have no place
And the destruction of truth overcomes
Since I was alone for so long
And I couldn’t raise my notes
So I lie down in time inside a real world I’ve made up
Taking my time through a tough life
My mind remains still in a moment
which makes me feel sad
My thoughts are gone

Paranormal life
A life where I can be lost in a world with no roads
Day after day until tomorrow when the years will disappear
I am safe as a mystery
As the truth exists
It will lead to the future
Whilst I give up on what it’s happening,
The reality is based on a need for an eternal journey
My soul had overcome the darkness
Releasing freedom from each desire

Paranormal life
Every inch of my soul remains unknown
When I become honest with myself
Obliterating every trust in love
And from now, I am lost forever in my new dreams
Until a new dawn begin for my novel life
Coming back to an eternity of senses
In a long life with no shared hope
For each forgotten moment
All the last words are gone to the end of time

Paranormal life was a dream of a tragedy
Where every fleeting fantasy has a hope to exist
But no soul remains untamed and intact
I left myself with a glimpse of imagination
The beauty of my passions and illusions
An eternal dream which is divine and belongs only to me
With time, everything is found in my mind
Being in a state of my own with no distress or anguish
Vanity and mysticism exhausted me
Living becomes no real, and the expectations sink into the dim ocean of nightmares.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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