Sapphire Dreams

Sapphire dreams, ethereal whims falling from the ceiling of stars and clouds,
Lonely and silent were impalpable forces,
Drifting on the breeze like whispers of forgotten melodies,
In the imperceptible quietness of the nighttime, dissolving memories faded away.

Lost in the gloominess of the night, where time stood still,
Each shimmering instant became a fleeting dance,
In the quiet expanse of the universe, dreams unfurled,
Becoming a lingering flux of transient hopes and untold longings.

Lost in dreams and despair, the lonely garden of love and death lay beneath a blue horizon of darkness,
Breathing like a crystal flower in the middle of nowhere,
When the mutability of the sky was suddenly revealed,
Torpor and illusion illuminated the realm of reveries.

Shadows entwined the imaginary threads of time and space,
In an ephemeral embrace of light and shadow,
Ancient secrets whispered their fragile silence,
An echo of a lost infinite, where sapphire dreams eternally bloomed.

Nightmares of obliteration and destruction obscured the beauty of the celestial realms,
Shrouding every wonder in a veil of darkness and fear,
In the feast of chaos, where chimaeras collided and luminaries were created anew,
In the storm’s tumult, a solitary bliss sought haven in the stillness of expectation and hope.

Sapphire dreams and hallucinations of pretentious happiness appeared,
Every time, dark clouds quietly annihilated the gleaming stars with their obscure mantle,
While sorrows were falling under the shape of crystal drops upon the meadow of fragility,
No escape was ever possible for a delusion in the intricate maze of deception.

Misery and despair built a magnificent realm of creation and destruction,
Where exalted sublimity and evil mediocrity collapsed within a kaleidoscope of brilliance and darkness,
In the heart of this tumultuous swirl, where the boundaries of light and darkness blurred,
An enigmatic labyrinth of paradoxes unfurled.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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