Crumbles Of Fear

An AI image evocative of fear related to my poem Crumbles of Fear

Crumbles of fear and despair fell from a dim sky,
At the sight of the stars dazzling the sky with their shimmering glow of light,
Luscious dreams were bearing quiescent visions and shadows,
Overwhelming the kingdom of darkness and discord.

Bold fantasies faced the scorn of reality,
However, obsessive longings kept hidden tales of secrecy and absurdity,
Through fearsome trials at the sight of nightmares and haunting frights,
While the sagacity of silence overwhelmed the universe.

Twinkling luminaries cast shadows over the realm of memories and regrets,
Made of fragments and specks of decay and dust,
Shining at night when the silent gloom pervaded everything,
In the dark frost of forgotten visions.

At the last endless moment of fearless obliviousness,
Startling teardrops of forsaken losses and repressed yearnings descended on the valley of infinite anguish,
Silvering the veil of sorrow that the luminaries’ glimmer strove to pierce,
In the absence of remorse.

Crumbles of fear became distant relics,
As long as time’s wicked desire designed the fates with rough edges of despair,
Disintegrating the remnants of past struggles,
Amidst the twilight, guiding the pathway through the labyrinth of shadows.

Glimmers of calmness cast an amiable glow on tormented thoughts,
While, in the vast infinite darkness, silence reigned supreme,
Renewing destruction like a precious gift,
Amidst the chaos and resilient storms of existence.

Ice crystals coated all the realms of desires and fantasies,
Shaping ethereal gems that sparkled with a light of anticipation,
Relic-frozen instants of lost worlds,
Silent echoes of chimaeras waiting to be awakened.

Hence, nothing could have been feared than the things to come from a future veiled in uncertainty,
Where shadows of precariousness soared more preposterously than the promises of tomorrow, tainting fates with drops of fear.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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