Shadows And Radiance

An AI image evocative of shadows and radiance

Shadows and radiance overflowed the realm of darkness and light,
Leaving a trail of glimmers and glooms,
Faltering in the abyss of the night and dawn.

Sugarcoated lies and betrayal covered the walls of phoney castles,
Along the river of banality, a sense of homology hypnotised thoughts and dreams,
Crushing to dust every glow of uniqueness.

Anger entwined like ivy tendrils over the empire of isolation,
Where echoes of forsaken screams of dismay lingered in silent chambers,
Whispering the secrets of unrevealed dreams.

Beneath the silver of mirrored illusions,
Reflections of fractured longings shimmered,
Trapped in the web of introspection and solipsism.

Hope flickered in the shadows like a fragile beacon of radiance,
Traversing the labyrinth of despair,
Seeking the dawn of pristine horizons.

Through the veil of twilight’s embrace,
A twist of light and darkness remained undisclosed,
Weaving a fate with threads of paradox.

In the heart of the oblivious universe,
A sparkle of flame enlightened the quiet void,
Kindling sighs of metamorphosis.

A silent awakening bore witness to beauty and sublimity,
Luminaries merged in a harmonious shine,
Creating new chimaeras from the ruins of solitude and desolation.

Remnants of greed and turpitude unveiled a majestic realm of anguish,
Whose ethereal boundaries faded away at the sight of everlasting light,
When the dawn embraced the night in a perpetual fusion of shadows and radiance.

In the realm where shadows and radiance ruled,
Shimmers and glooms blended into the dusk,
Ghosting through the mist like fragments of dreams.

The night unveiled its enigmatic allure,
Through phantasmagoric utopias and mystical worlds of secluded mysteries,
Where vestiges of remote legends lingered in the aether.

Nightmares of a deep darkness ensnared every free imagination,
Twisting, suffocating, in shadows they wrought,
Evoking a hymn that transcended into an eternal labyrinth of dreams and ethereal manifestations.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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