Soft Torments

soft torments in an imaginary garden

Soft torments from a poison cup
Like a dream
I hold my hopes in vain
My life is in ache with joys and time
Far away
It would not be so late
To light my pleasure at the silent sight
Before the storm comes
I may know that life has faded away
Because I have lost myself
And still, it’s not fair

Soft torments of past mistakes
A burden that I must pay
Life was past and dead
It’s time to learn a new world
Lost time to defeat
The dust touched my heart
And memories could save my mind
To feel just the dreams of the ocean
Into my inner space
A soul could be lost on earth
Cold like dust and dark like rain

Soft torments of time
Building my fantasies made of paper and darkness
The waves of rainfall cannot feel alone in the blue
In a beautiful state of deprivation
Stars are full of fears
As anguish is forever gone
In the immensity of the dusk
The cold light of my life has come to wait
No pleasure was a wonder to behold
Falling to weep
When the heart is full of grief

Soft torments I had achieved in vain
Silver clouds still glowing in the sunlight
A remorseless sight of betrayal in the fragrance of the summer
The melody that stirs death in nature
Under the light of flashes dropping in the darkness
In this sky, my soul cannot be filled with a gleam
An eternal poem about life
When the gloominess of every thought perishes in new longings
Whispering words of pain move through my mind
Sometimes it’s amusing what wisdom can reveal in the empty obscurity
Once everything disappears from my glimpse
Drops of flame lure my heart
Forever and ever.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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