Sublime And Ethereal Realms

A beautiful image that reminded me about sublime and ethereal realms

Sublime and ethereal realms were forsaken in a bygone space and time
Echoes of shadows were flickering like flames
Forbidden passions ran away from every sight
Silent mysteries of lost worlds were abandoned in the aether
No time was allowed to tickle in the abysm of darkness
The obscure gloominess reigned over the light of fire
Delightful blisses were whispering behind decrepit portraits
Love was a manifestation of the unconscious stillness
When ardor overwhelmed every sense in the realm of transcendental desires
Ancient passions were annihilated on the ocean floor of nothingness
Ghostly longings were drowned by the water of rational knowledge
Broken hearts were shattered like porcelain amphorae
Nightmares conquered the sublime and ethereal realms of dreams
A still wind of indifference blew amid the dark gardens of futile illusions
Lost longings were doomed in the seclusion of deep abysses
Wandering glowing flames were ensnared in the gloomy landscape of dismay
Howling oceans of anguish were shrieking dreadful vanities and feelings of pride
The shadows of twilight were released in the summoning of dreams and nightmares
Ghostly halls of forsaken realms of fire were blazing with everlasting flames
Collapsed grief and fear muttered against every speck of slumber in the quietness of obliviousness
Mournful sighs glistened at the sight of lost and dismal feelings
Gloom and shadow swallowed every glimpse of light
The stillness of the night echoed through the ethereal realms of sorrow
In the forgotten depths of hollow dreams, time surrendered to the spectral lights of endless nights
Freely roaming in depths, shadows withdrew among the tranquil gleams of the void
When the heart’s forlorn echoes found no dwelling, love, and anguish were forever paradoxes
Through sublime and ethereal gloomy realms, a spark of hope resided in the silence and stillness of the night
And in the eerie quietude of nocturnal depths, a solitary glint of longing lingered, traversing the intricate maze of ethereal shadows.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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