Transcendental Desires

How I imagine a scenario of transcendental desires

Transcendental desires of senses bloomed in a garden of darkness
When torpor annihilated rationality and logic, the only sight resided in metaphysical passions
Everything spun like a carousel of emotions and impulses
Sighs of bliss and merriment blended with hopes and delusions
Vibrations of connection rumbled through the aether like soliloquies of souls
Transcendental desires kept flying under the influence of the wind of fate
Time ceased to exist, and the stars glowed bright in the dark infinity
Faded whispers of fierce love pierced the souls like burning arrows made of flames
Thoughtful and gloomy echoes through the wind of remembrances rested deep inside haunting hallways of remote relics on the ocean floor
Vain expectations fell into futile and evanescent abysses of dreary and fear
Nonsense was often the manifestation of delusional stupors
In the vague twilight’s embrace, whispers of forgotten dreams jigged upon the edges of dark shadows
Ethereal, gloomy clouds hovered across the ephemeral canvas of the night
Echoes of secret yearnings thundered amidst the star-studded firmament
Intricate tales of covert devotion lingered among undisclosed desires
A scent of petrichor welcomed the earnest longings amid a garden of bloomy fragrances invocating trysts of the night
The cloak of midnight’s allure wrapped untold confessions
Amidst the labyrinthine aisles of invisible mazes, forsaken vows resonated like a serenade of the intangible
Surreptitious oaths were traded under the veil of secretiveness
Whilst longings and hopes entwined like tendrils of ivy climbing the walls of desolate ruins
In the dim glare of starry nights, secluded hearts entangled transcendental desires
In the realm of darkness, gloaming shades sighed, transcending the elusive veil of night
Within the enigmatic infinity abyss, mysteries of fervent and ethereal desires prospered, and their essence caressed the silence
Shrouded in darkness, boundless spaces of nothingness lay in the abyss of the sea, where shadows snarled with the unfathomable chasms
In the middle of the oblivious spells, transcendental desires were obscured by the murky embrace of the unknown
Lost essences felt decrepit and burdened by disillusionment and relinquished dreams while they wandered lost in the immensity of the universe
Abyssal havens, where light faded, and darkness reigned, concealed forgotten treasures and occult fantasies, entombing the enigmatic stillness that pervaded every imperceptible kingdom
Transcendental desires lingered like spectral whispers, in the heart of abysms, where time surrendered to the eternal bliss of untamed passions.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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