The Realm Of Sensibility

The Realm Of Sensitivity

We live in the realm of sensitivity
We try to be sensitive to
 the outside world
Being aware of the importance of each word we pronounce and write
We are the world we create and sense
We live in the realm of sensitivity
Being careful about the responsibility we have in making our world
Since our world influences the external world
Each word is a small drop in a big ocean of emotions
We strive to give ourselves hope
We strive to perceive the others
We live in the realm of sensitivity
Trying to be more conscious and sensitive
Each of our words can contribute to change this world
We hope for a better society
We hope for a world without dictatorships
And with no exploitation of humans and nature
I’m Jewish with dual citizenship
I feel a citizen of the world
I would like a society without hatred and prejudices
I would like a community without discriminations against minorities
We are all human
We are all equal
We live in the realm of sensitivity
We belong to a natural world, and we need to preserve it with care
Because in the end, we are what we accomplish before we leave this world behind us
Our lives are short compared to the life of a star
We have a big responsibility in giving a contribution to this world
We live in the realm of sensitivity.

Ever and ever thine own
Esther Racah

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