The Realms Of Imagination

A book in the realms of imagination

The realms of imagination in the silence
I had no trace of the visions that I had dreamed
And listened to them once day and night
Fountains and planets floated into the nothingness
Like many thoughts that seem so knowledgeable
Stars in words, flowers in my hair
In the depths of everything, into the ocean and waters
The realm of the universe
As clouds rain into dusk
Looking at the storm in light and darkness

The realms of imagination in the stillness
It is almost like a dream gleaming in my memories
Once again, darkness will bring no shadow
On the rivers and waters that are clear
When the ocean rises to the sky like storm mountains with happiness, sorrow and bliss
The mystery of existence is as deep as its own secrets
Touching the surface of all that was written
My dreams are to stay
And thinking of that perfect place
A world of wonders where boundaries and bonds dissolve

The realms of imagination in the universe
Time seems impossible to discover
As I recall in my inner thoughts
I become a part of everything, and nothing
Dreams fly away beyond reality’s boundaries and fade from my sight
A world of magnificence and bliss
Where anything can be
Unleashing creativity set my soul free
Within the realms of imagination’s domain resides a universe where fantasies reign
And whispered words dissolve in painted skies

The realms of imagination
Where magic can be real, and fantasy becomes an eternal seal
In the realms of imagination, stories unfold, displaying a tapestry of new and old words
A captivating imagination’s garden where dreams are cast
A gateway to explore
Where the mind’s eye opens, unlocking every door
A canvas for ideas, limitless and vast
Within the realms of imagination, worlds collide
Where ordinary thoughts become magical thrills
And mazes of flower meadows that shine like sparkling water surface

The realms of imagination and oddities
Where dreams come alive
An imagination’s haven where creativity and hopes thrive
Wherein the expected transforms and magic comes to be alive
A realm of marvel where ideas shine brightly, dreams reside and hearts are inspired
In the realms of fantasy, the reality is blurred
A world of beliefs and illusion, where dreams are swirled
Where imagination’s spark ignites my soul and creativity makes me whole
Thoughts intertwine, creating an intricacy of divine ideas
Like clouds of fire that disappear

The realms of imagination and inspiration
Where tales are created and forever adorned
The mind explores new worlds by day and night
A realm of endless wonders, where dreams come true and always renew
Where visions unfold, and stories are written in undefined verses
New landscapes emerge from a labyrinth of thoughts
Unfolding like secrets hidden in ethereal books
Mountains of fantasy blow the sky
In these realms, the ordinary evolves into extraordinary
Where colours are vibrant, and everything turns visionary

The realms of imagination
Where the unimaginable flourishes
And the impossible becomes a tangible reality
As daydream proms with boundless skill
The stars and galaxies seem within reach
Navigating through this enchanting world with no bounds or restraints
For in these realms, I am the architect of my dreams
Where the extraordinary becomes the ordinary
So I let myself embrace this magical domain
And let my imagination forever reign.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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