The Unique and Infinite Shadow of My Mind

A landscape where I can imagine the unique and infinite shadow of my mind

The unique and infinite shadow of my mind
Whilst the beauty is flowing in my dreams
Someday I loved every single thing in each season
Of which, like this, in this moment.
For a while, my thoughts have lost all beauty
As are still one more time so lovely to the beholder
I love so much to be happy with beautiful visions
As ideas and words are always to be heard
It might be only a delightful and phantasmagorical
Nothing can go through my mind before night
Every day is a picture of the love for my life
And at first, every metamorphosis should be discovered in a marvel
At the edges of time
In the Universe, every tremendous conquest is a journey bound to eternity
A year becomes a month, a month a day and a day an hour

The unique and infinite shadow of my mind
Feeling the utopia while nightmares resurface
Where I become my own muse with magical powers
To transform my life, my soul and my endless visions
Every night I surrender to the tides of oblivion and silence
Everything is in deep slumber because the storm cannot appear
Trying to build a mere idea that cannot be found
Daring to live pretending that everything is love
When wishes would embrace being born in an idyllic world
In a manifestation of life and death
Once all the hopes disappear in an obscene dismal
Some lives after existence resurface in an eternal bliss
Lasting forever
For love only grasp some hearts
Every free thought enjoys only a limited dash

The unique and infinite shadow of my mind is nature
I see the wonder and the worlds in the firmament
Being the Universe an outstanding creation made of beauty and mystery,
darkness and light, endless unknown and limited knowledge
An ancient mystery without days and nights
My heart discovered poetry in my dreams
Loving, day by day
The facade had faded, and names I knew became obscure
A noteworthy moment in life
When dates are removed from the time
And just the shadows are heard, and the day evolves into death
The time departed from life
A newly created fantasy left the mind without delight
Fighting the loss and death
Although everything became written
Not a single certitude is destined to return
And it lies in the profundity of despair and thoughtlessness
The blades of my thoughts cut my soul into pieces
And bleeding, I stand helpless.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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