The Echo Of A Broken Dream

My imaginary vision of the echo of a broken dream

The echo of a broken dream
Is the sky’s vast light
Which is rising in winter’s rain
From the flight of little birds
A song to drink and dance
It can be heard faraway
Thinking about time and failure
So short life to regret
Unending and unlimited endeavours for life’s delight
When dreams come
What might be lost could be found
But long is the path of mistakes and struggles
Never well-known enough to prevent distress and anguish
In sleepless nights something and nothing has been revealed
It always began the creation
Destroying and creating
By chance and love
Like no more devotion would be granted like before
Each thought of desire would be loyal and engraved
Reading the infinite source of darkness
And still enjoying every strive and pang
In the hope of living inside an untamed soul
Never like before
It would become a gloomy and arduous heart

The echo of a broken dream
The sea of darkness is blasting
Now that the night has come
Harkening to the wind
Whenever the wildness of the sea is fearless and indomitable
The fallen souls have drifted into a slumber time
Sighing along the cliff of the abyss
Never seen to this day what it might not be quested
A beautiful forsaken tale would be a lavish obscure dream
A wonder and a marvel
Sunken down into a remote universe
Since the eternity
It has always been there for me
And always will be
With no guesses or questions about life
I fell down into the chasm of the time
When it is believed to cast away the darkness and shadows
With the loss of eternity
Whilst everything was bound together inside a hidden and blissful oasis
Every kind of dream was being offered like some joyful lie
Sweet like poison and bitter like truth
Like those revelations that will never be disclosed
And desires would be offered as secret snares

The echo of a broken dream
Which lived forever in the abysm of the sea
And was made of divine light
New eternal dimensions are recreated
The vision of a single and lonely night
The world would start all over again and again
Until all the clouds of darkness would end
And the wonders of harmony and hymns would be created
The world’s clout will last forever
Truly and devotedly
Days depart and perish
Every longing will convey a new route of deception and authenticity
Change delivers wisdom in the everlastingness
When only one new lifetime is allowed to become true
Love is death, love is untamed, love is betrayal, and love is life
Being trapped in a new belief
Acting to set free every uncoveted desire inside the soul
And wishing to find a place in the universe
If everything could materialise in an abode with faithful devotion
There would be only bliss and an ever-lasting delight in life
Certitude and suspicion could obliterate each other
Probity and passion would be devoted eternally

The echo of a broken dream
Stalled so perfectly in my mind and once more disappeared
As forgotten for ages
Such a feeling of authentic dismay
I disclosed the evening
Lingering for darkness and nightmares
A soft touch of sharp thorns
Although pain and tears could flood my heart
So many times
I have been destined
And magnificence would be a journey of delight and bliss
Nothing else
After my soul wandered lost in torment and misery
With no more passion
Dreaming that in a swoon
My heart would always glow
Not at all because of pleasure
But striving to return to its primordial harmony.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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