The Vast Ocean Of Nightmares

The vast ocean of nightmares
Wherever the calm storm and the fog
which fly so often become
like empty sights constantly changing.
Time flows on but remains still
and life is like an immutable path
In that moment, whenever despair begins
The truth is listening to everything.

The vast ocean of nightmares
Flatter the waters and clouds
An obscure rainbow emerges as a riddle
Which never changes
once it flows into the sea in its own time
But only then life becomes like fire and shadows
The mystery of the infinity dwells in the echo of the streams, the sky and the wind.
The stars reside in a subliminal world
With a timeless view as the water is silent.

The vast ocean of nightmares
Where the soul has been driven to nowhere
Wondering how far the future will move toward the past
In every skylight, once again
Each day is a new lifetime
And beyond, there might be only bliss
Time begins before night once more
Though nothing becomes forgotten for much longer than a dream.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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