The Visions Of My Soul

The visions of my soul

The visions of my soul strike my mind
I never see to end of the motionless disheartenment
In silence, I wait for a prolonged rain to end
I know the world will not last forever
In hope, I live a dreamless life made of disillusions
Lies in the deepest darkness with no return at all
Where everything is dim and the night is quiet
The rising waves and the gloaming break me
Surprise and wonder echoes seem to be heard from afar

The visions of my soul fly like a rose
They are born to face the earth’s fate
I have learned how to dream
A new life is present
Every word is not a mystery
It is the only way to be
Unmindful and alone
I have never known of all the rituals I dreamt
No one should know

The visions of my soul go back to the years and life’s past
A long journey is waiting now for me
A perfect existence to read
Though I still enjoy thinking about perspectives
I’m looking forward to each night with sadness
Perhaps it has been written without rhymes
I cannot always be concerned in ways far away too much longer to write
A very different way to be in art
I see words as they were assigned to me for the way I exist

The visions of my soul have vanished in the sky
And as the birds cease singing in their nest
At twilight, my memories fade away
My heart is close to the firmament and yet so free
The dreams, the air, the sky, the sea, the trees and the earth help me to find myself
I glimpse the bright clouds and the leaves flying down
Whilst the stars gleam upon me
I become free from those old and deceitful longings.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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