Shadows Of Memories

Shadows of memories

Shadows of memories
They are made and forgotten
There is a thought I lost time ago
Who cares about the time?
I am walking alone on the way to my intentions
Things do seem fine and picturesque
A lifetime was then lost
The world wants to regress
Life would be extraordinary without vanity

Shadows of memories unfold
Like purple-tainted screams
While the eyes are still flying
Behind the illusion to exist
Just as I once had said
The presence is no longer desirable
If my true vision could see
The sea seemed to be in bloom
A new life comes once more

Shadows of memories
While the world is lost on Earth
Being destined to doom
A unique moment comes when old mysteries are learned
And an hour becomes too long
Time is the beauty of a life’s mission
In my mind dwells a calm night shadow
Dressing in love’s desire

Shadows of memories are lost
Time keeps ticking pleasantly
Instant grief is left forgotten in the abyss of oblivion
I am sleepless, and I feel unseen
Only a dream and sorrow are discovered in my treasure chest
Since the same frolic is always played
It is rare to be happy to care when life is quite sad
And respect and love will only thrive on being authentic
In ways far gone, trust should never have been destroyed

Shadows of memories remain
No life should be taken for granted
Dreams and thoughts wander together
Spring came into my space
My slumber is a place of joy and regret
A mirage of infinity
The stars of memories are fading high
The soul is nothing but a breath and an illusion
In the sunshine and rain, the happiness is all gone

Shadows of memories in my mind
Trying to live till they start to fade
I write a lot of words that I want to release
But nothing was forgotten in my senses
When I found out my heart
Home is in the sky
Occasionally, roses play with stars
Everything is peaceful
Waiting for whatever might happen tomorrow.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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