The Waves Of Darkness

Imaginary waves of darkness

The waves of darkness
Crash against the shore
As I stand here all alone
The wind whispers in my ears
And I feel like I’m forsaken
The sea is vast and wide
But I’m not frightened to dive
Into the depths of my soul
Where the mysteries unfold
The sun sets on the horizon
And the stars fail to light up the sky
Which is an abyss of decrepit wrecks
Made of anguish and oblivion
I have never been created as a dream
The silence has no fear
In the sky above, all the worlds spin round
The waves of darkness flow
To the land where there’s no light
An empty place to reach.
This is how one’s dreams begin.
With hope and delight
The waves of darkness
Are silent;
And I see
That world has no end.
I know
My mind is the sky
Its essence is a river.
Nothing ever is the same
Darkness is like a fire
The night has gone with my dreams
And the light runs out,
Like thunder lingering on the shore
And darkness is everywhere
This dream of mine is quiescent.
Life is considerably hasty and bitter
There is nothing left to last,
All those unknown memories have flown for this day
Like a flood that overwhelms and destroys the universe.
Esther Elizabeth Racah

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